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Praying Advent and Celebrating Christmas
Check back frequently, to see pages that are added throughout both Seasons.


Advent Resources:

Preparing For Advent:

Preparing for Advent

Beginning Advent

Why is it so difficult to enter into Advent?

Am I Too Defended for Advent?

Preparing Children for Advent

Advent Videos:
A Video of a talk by Maureen Waldron:
The Season of Waiting - Our God Who Is Waiting for us

First Advent homily by papal preacher
Fr Cantalamessa

Second Advent homily by papal preaher

Third Advent homily by papal preaher

Entering Into Advent:
An Advent Mission in Two Nights Elizabeth Remembers
Praying with Jesus in the Womb
A Parent Reflects on Joseph & Mary
The Two Parts of Advent
The Three Comings of Jesus

Dinner Prayers for the First Part of Advent
Dinner Prayers for the Second Part of Advent

Doing Service in Advent
Experiencing Advent Deeply for Busy People
Desiring Patient Fidelity  
Holding Hands with God: Pondering Isaiah

Learning Perseverance in Difficult Times
Reconciliation and Healing

Praying Advent as Parents

Preparing Children for Advent
Praying with Isaiah during Advent
How Holy Can My Family Be?
A Family Christmas Guide for- Newlyweds and Beyond
Praying for Peace with Elizabeth and Mary
Reflecting on Violence at this time of Year
Advent While Caring for Our Parents

Advent Prayers

Oraciones de adviento en español

Advent Emails - to send to friends and loved ones

For Parish Bulletins:
Announcing this Resource
- Free Bulletin Inserts

Daily Advent Prayers:

First Week of Advent

Second Week of Advent

Third Week of Advent

Fourth Week of Advent

Praying with Imagination in Advent:
Using our Imaginations for Ignatian Contemplations for the Second Part of Advent

The Annunciation

Contemplating with Joseph

Elizabeth Remembers

Contemplating the Visitation with Zechariah

Praying for Peace with Elizabeth and Mary

Guide to Daily Advent Prayer

When time permits only one, brief prayer a day

An Advent Day of Recollection:
Two presentations on
"Hope: A Shard of Light in Our Shadows"
John Schlegel, S.J. - Dec., 2014

Praying Advent with Pope Francis'
Exhortation, "The Joy of the Gospel."

Part I: A Joy Ever New, A Joy Which is Shared

Part II: The Delightful and Comforting Joy of Evangelizing

Part III: The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Faith

Part IV: Chapter One:
The Church's Missionary Transformation
Part One: A Church Which Goes Forth

The Spirituality of Pope Francis
A parish retreat in Audio and Video formats with Andy Alexander, S.J. and Maureen Waldron

Advent Audios:
An Advent Parish Mission in Two Nights
Andy Alexander, SJ & Maureen M Waldron

Brief Audio Reflections for Advent
Andy Alexander, SJ & Maureen M Waldron

2011: Pre-Praying with Advent
Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J. & Fr. Greg Carlson, S.J.

(40 min. audio presentation on Advent)

2006 Advent Audio Retreat
with Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J.:

2005 Advent Audio Retreat
with Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J.:

Advent Thoughts:
Larry Gillick, SJ: a 2 min video

Reflecting on Advent:
a video by Jim Clifton, SJ

Permission to Copy Resources from this Site

Christmas Resources:

A Family Christmas Guide for Newlyweds - and Beyond

Each day of the Christmas season, 
we offer a brief Daily Prayer. 
For help in using the Daily Prayer,
 read this Guide to Daily Prayer.

Celebrating Christmas:
   Christmas Day
       The Christmas Proclamation

Pope Benedict's Christmas Homily

Christmas Week

Second Week of Christmas

Third Week of Christmas

The Annual Epiphany Proclamation:
The ancient ritual announcing
the upcoming Liturgical Year

Christmas Desires Page

Christmas Prayers

A Family Christmas Guide for Newlyweds
and Beyond

A Parent Reflects on Jesus' Parents

A Reflection on the Manger

Celebrating Christmas Alone

Letting Christmas Become a Season

How Holy Can My Family Be?

Praying with the Aftermath of Christmas

Making New Year's Resolutions

Jim Clifton, SJ Reflects on Advent
Where do we find the reality of our lives in Advent? 



Advent Novena with Our Lady of the New Advent

Advent Meditations by Fr. McNichols, S.J.

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