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Eight Weeks of Retreat
From Ash Wednesday Week, when Lent begins, through the Second Week of Easter

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The Week of Ash Wednesday

The First Week of Lent

The Second Week of Lent

The Third Week of Lent

The Fourth Week of Lent

The Fifth Week of Lent

Holy Week

Easter Week

Second Sunday of Easter

Of course, feel free, as time allows, to make use of any or all the other resources on this site during Lent - the Daily Prayer pages or the other resources.

God will not be outdone in generosity. But, all God needs is a generous, open heart to fill each of us will rich blessings during this Lenten Retreat.

Making an online retreat during Lent

This Lenten Online Retreat is taken from the 34 week Online Retreat on the Online Ministries web site. It is abbreviated to be used during the Lenten Season. It begins the week Lent begins - the Sunday of the week that includes Ash Wednesday. It continues through Easter Week and the Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy week). Follow the calendar to the left and don't worry about the number identifying the Online Retreat website weekly guides. We will be using a special selection of the most appropriate eight weeks of the 34 weeks for this retreat.

How to make this Retreat?

Each week contains a GUIDE which should be read careful early in the week - hopefully on Sunday. Each Guide is meant to make a home in the background of our consciousness all week long. Read it on Sunday and we might want to read it once or twice more during the week to remember well its theme and the grace to be prayed for each week.

In each week of this Lent Retreat, there will also be a PHOTO and several other Resources on the right hand side of the page. Use these to help stay focused during the week.

Most importantly, this retreat is meant for busy people. If you have time to pray for a half an hour each day during Lent, that is wonderful. If you can't, it is very important to carry on a brief conversation with the Lord, each day, about the graces asked for each week. That brief friend-to-friend conversation can happen when we wake up or in the shower or while getting dressed. It can happen in the in-between times throughout the day. Its purpose is to bring these reflections into the day and to let them interact with the real things of our day - and most of all, to let them become a growing part of our relationship with the Lord.

May Our Lord grant us all the graces we need and desire.

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