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Pope Francis' 2020 Lenten Message

A Mardi Gras Prayer...
Beyond Chocolate: A Deeper Lent....
Beginning My Lenten Patterns...
What Is Fasting and Abstinence?...
The Invitation...
Choosing Lent, Acting Lent..
Cooking Lent..

Doing Lent as a Family

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The First Four Days of Lent

These days serve as an introduction to our Lenten journey.  Before we begin the first full week of Lent, we have a powerful set of readings about our Prayer, Repentance, Almsgiving and Fasting.  We place ashes on our foreheads and learn about the meaning of death and life.  Over two days we pray over the powerful challenge of Isaiah 58.  And Jesus reminds us that he is inviting us to a "change of heart."

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