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The links below have the prayers and readings for each of the three liturgies of the Triduum.

Holy Saturday is a day to reflect on the reality of Jesus' death and prepare for the Easter Vigil.

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Holy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday


Holy Week: The Easter Triduum

Our long journey to the font culminates in the three days that make up the Easter Triduum. These three days draw us into the mystery of our salvation.

How do we prepare for these holy days? By taking just a few minutes each day to understand the liturgies we will participate in during Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.

Click on the links above and read them ahead of time - or out loud at the family dinner table before you go. It will help better understand the rites and symbols we will see. Or print off the “printable” versions at the top of this page and carry it with you to Church. It will give each of the rituals so much more meaning.

Whatever we are doing these days, these prayers and resources can help us be open to the graces the day offers. Each morning, we can pause to acknowledge the meaning of the day ahead. Each night, we can give thanks.

Even if we can't celebrate these days liturgically, we can reflect upon the symbols and rituals, and let the prayers of the liturgies draw us in. All, that we might know the depth of the love being offered us, and power of the gift of life won for us.

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