The Proceedings of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family

The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization
Resources from the October 5-19, 2014 III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops Meeting in Rome

A collection of resources to explore the proceedings of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family

The Mass for the Beatification of Pope Paul VI - Sunday, Oct. 19th,

Homily of Pope Francis at Beatification - Final Mass of the Synod.
See the Program for the Mass, with brief bio of Paul VI.

Pope Francis' powerful final talk to the Synod - followed by a 4 minute standing ovation.

The final Synod Relatio - Document, voted paragraph by paragraph to describe the consensus of the Synod participants. (This is the official Italian version. It will be replaced with the official English translation when it is available.)

Video Press Conference on the Conclusion of the Synod - Saturday evening, the 18th -English: 8:37 to 11:32; 17:04 to 17:38;
20:02 to 20:32;

The Final Message of the Synod of Bishops

Video Press Conference on Saturday, the 18th
On the final Synod document. Cardinal Oswaldo Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay and President of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences
English: 10:11 to 13:50; 29:43 to 32:56; 38:15 to 41:40; 54:48 to 55:36:

Vatican Summary of Friday's Press Conference
Cardinal Marx from Munich: "Pope Francis is seeking input that can take the Church forward, open new doors and discover new possibilities for bringing the Gospel to men and women today. The Pope did not invite us to two Synods, he remarked with a smile,  to hear us simply repeat what we’ve always been saying! " 

Video Press Conference on Friday, the 17th
No English summary

Video Press Conference on Thursday, the 16th
English Summary: 7:23 to 9:00; 12:05 to 12:16; 1:06:12 to 1:10:02;

Summary of the Small Group Discussions by language groups
There are 3 English groups: Circulus Anglicus, A, B and C.

General Gathering on Thursday, the 16th
Summary of the discussion

Salt and Light Television video summary of Wednesday's activity

Video Press Conference on Wednesday, the 15th.
English Summary by Archbishp Kurtz, of Louisville, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: 13:26 to 17:06;
Questions: 21:27 to 23:28; 32:43 to 34:38; 39:30 to 42:28;
48:12 to 50:03; 51:22 to 54:00; 54:01 to 55:37; 55:40 to 58:02;
1:01:43 to 1:02:40; 1:02:43 to 1:04:42; 1:07:15 to 1:09:38;
1:10:18 to 1:11:57; 1:17:39 to 1:19:25;

The second part of the Synod in small, language group discussions.

Video Press Conference on the Synod, Tuesday, the 14th
English summary of Cardinal Napier, of South Africa: 10:54 to 15:16
Questions: 18:04 to 20:00; 20:02 to 23:46; 35:04 to 39:48
47:11 to 48:24; 50:18 to 51:33; 51:33 to 53:41;
1:06:20 to 1:07:27; 1:10:50 to 1:11:57.

Description of the Free Discussion after the Summary Report


Video Report about Summary Report of First Week

Pope Francis names the committee who will write the Synod Report.

Video Press Conference on the Synod, Monday, the 13th
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila,
on the 3 person leadership team for the Synod
English Summary at 4:35 to 8:24
Questions: 26:00 to 28.28; 29:50 to 31:48; 54:36 to 56:35
56:37 to 58:40; 58:50 to 1:01:05

Text of the Middle of the Synod Relatio:
Summary Report of the First Week
of the Synod
by Cardinal Erdő

Ninth General Session: Listen to the Laity

Eighth General Session: Christian education in difficult family situations.

Video Press Conference on the Synod, Friday, the 10th.
English summary at 18:09 to 23.45
Question about concern for children: 50:29 to 53:34
Question about family planning: 54:40 to 58:30

Rome Reports video on Day 4 of the Synod

Video Press Conference on Progress of Synod, on Thursday, the 9th of October.
English summary at 15:38 to 28:08

Seventh General Session: More on “Difficult Pastoral Situations”
and “The Pastoral Challenges concerning an Openness to Life”

Sixth General Session: the Church is the house of the Father, not a customs office, and must not be indifferent to weakness

Summary of Thursday Press Conference

Salt and Light Video highlights of Day Three

Summary of the discussion
during the third and fourth days

Salt and Light Video Highlights of Day Two

Summary of the discussion
during the first and second days

Video Press Conference on first day:
see English summary from 17:25 to 26:20

A Video Summary of the First Day
and a look at the Synod Hall

A Summary of Cardinal Erdő's
presentation opening the Synod

First Speech of the Synod
by Cardinal Péter Erdő

Monday - First Press Conference


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