How Has This Retreat Made a Difference in My Life?

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The retreat has made a very major difference in my life. Before starting the retreat I had left the church and had been away for a very long time. Now thanks in large measure to you I have returned and am happily back "at the table" . For me the road to Emmaus has become the lane leading from my home . It is so good to be home !!!!!!

Perhaps the most important grace I received was the grace of temperance: i.e., learning how to control my emotions rather than letting my emotions control me. And as I type this line, I just realized the importance of giving up control of various phases of oour lives to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

It has helped me keep Jesus nearer in my mind.

There are aspects of this retreat that have been just huge. I am not at all from a Roman Catholic background. I pastor an evangelical protestant church. I have to admit that my guard was up initially, but I have to admit, many of my preconceptions of Catholic spirituality were blown apart. I am very grateful for the blessing to my life that has come through this retreat. Thank you so very much.

Given the complete newness of the concept, it’s probably accurate to say the “background times” represented a big shift in my prayer life. For example, on day 1 of the retreat, I completely forgot about the graces I was to ask for – completely – all day long. I kind of laughed about that when I looked back in my journal. Since then, I have grown. I was very thankful for the repeated explanation of the “daily means.” I needed the coaching. I found more success the more I associated prayer with daily repeated activities like making the bed (I don’t put on slippers) or walking up and down the stairs at work. I will definitely continue to pursue this as a habit after the retreat is over. Part of my growth came through learning to pray the stories of the gospel as though I were there .. part of the scene. That was completely new – and at times, God really revealed things to me. That is also something I want to continue. It was very meaningful for me to see the humanity of Jesus earlier in the retreat (at his baptism and temptation. There was something freeing for me in my humanity when I embraced his. Highlights: a growing sense of gratitude, of knowing I am loved, of a mysterious sense of oneness with Jesus’ disciples.

The graces were the awarenness of my gifts. The retreat helped me to accept my gifts and use them.

It made a difference in helping to deepen my walk with God. I met with my spriritual director weekly or, at the most. biweekly, instead of our usual monthly, and this also helped make the material deeper.

Seeing Him more clearly, loving Him more dearly...and so on

I don´t know what my Yes to Jesus will take me but I have said Yes and I say Yes to follow him. My heart is burning.

The graces - I know that God loves me and want to draw me into his heart. He encourages me to go with him.

It has helped me try to put Jesus in all I do all day and I am becomming more aware of His presents.I talk with Him and know He is my friend.His love and mercy is endless.I want to be close to Him so I must make Him part of all I do. It has made me aware of how much I need and want to be intimate with Jesus.I see and understand His human sideAnd yet it is His divine side that blesses me every day.

The biggest difference arising has been the growth of my relationship with Jesus. It is now at a significant and personal level. To date, the significance of Jesus risen has come to level never before encountered. It is good.

The retreat has taught me to find peace and calm in the midst of my day.

The retreat has intensified my looking for Jesus in all those I meet and in finding Him in all the days' events. It has been extremely helpful for me for I have beeen enduring great sorrow. My husband and both of our sons died within a three year period (cancer). The retreat has been of great value as I struggler with my problems of faith. My gratitude for the Retreat is endless for I feel it has helped me get through a horribly trying time. While I am blessed with wonderfully supportive family and friends, my time alone is burdensome. I have found the Retreat to be comforting and faith building. God bless all of you who had any part in formulating it.

I found myself to have a more positive attitude of people. I was also more assertive - it was like I knew what I wanted and I could express it. I was also listening more especially in making decisions for my work, family and everyday interactions.

As much as I desire to be the selfless person and have willingly offered all that I am and possess to God, the selfish ‘weeds’ in me show up every now and again. I am not discouraged or disappointed by these drawbacks as I am assured of God’s unfailing love for me as I am….weeds and all. Reflecting during the background times of my day, I have been graced with being aware and awake to my shortcomings and graced with the feeling of gratitude for God’s constant presence in my life.

I believe that I was blessed with an increased intimacy with Jesus that will remain with me. After many years I came to know and love him more deeply. I take with me this grace together with a deep gratitude and sense of humility. This retreat was one of the best retreats I have experienced. I appreciated the clear progression in keeping with the spiritual exercises. There was plenty of input that stimulated prayer and provided flexibility.

The retreat has helped me to become more aware of myself and surroundings as a Christian Catholic, if I might use that term. Ownership and discipleship have taken on a new and deeper meaning. The graces might include being more charitable, to understand principles contained in dogma, to persevere, and to be more honest with myself and others. Also to take more responsibility for myself and my actions.

My focus on relationship with God & creation & Jesus definitely increased.

Jesus became REAL. My relationship with Jesus increased

I have been challenged to see everyone, especially my very irritating neighbour, as loved by God and carrying God's image in their humanity. I am continually being called to the grace of humility. Sometimes, I answer.

This is the third year I have done the retreat with a friend. It has made a huge difference to my life and helped me to confront what I should be doing to praise, revere and serve God. I guess one grace that has filtered through is to understand both that I cannot do it all myself and that there is not necessarily a clear and definitive answer to how to praise, revere and serve. Just trusting that God is enthused that we are trying!

There was something freeing for me in my humanity when I embraced his. Highlights: a growing sense of gratitude, of knowing I am loved, of a mysterious sense of oneness with Jesus’ disciples.

Given the complete newness of the concept, it’s probably accurate to say the “background times” represented a big shift in my prayer life. For example, on day 1 of the retreat, I completely forgot about the graces I was to ask for – completely – all day long. I kind of laughed about that when I looked back in my journal. Since then, I have grown. I was very thankful for the repeated explanation of the “daily means.” I needed the coaching. I found more success the more I associated prayer with daily repeated activities like making the bed (I don’t put on slippers) or walking up and down the stairs at work. I will definitely continue to pursue this as a habit after the retreat is over.
Part of my growth came through learning to pray the stories of the gospel as though I were there .. part of the scene. That was completely new – and at times, God really revealed things to me. That is also something I want to continue.

The graces were the awarenness of my gifts. The retreat helped me to accept my gifts and use them.

It made a difference in helping to deepen my walk with God. I met with my spriritual director weekly or, at the most. biweekly, instead of our usual monthly, and this also helped make the material deeper.

I don´t know what my Yes to Jesus will take me but I have said Yes and I say Yes to follow him. My heart is burning.

The graces - I know that God loves me and want to draw me into his heart. He encourages me to go with him. A great thankfulness grows in my heart for these retreatweeks and I wish to go futher in the same way as I have been teached to pray dayly during all these weeks.

Wow. I have a conversational relationship with God. I recognize His presence in my life. I ask him much more often for help. I wait patiently for His reply. I share everything with Him. I am awed by His presence, but so much less afraid. I am a kinder, gentler person. More patient with others. Letting little annoyances go. Focusing on bigger things. Asking myself and others to think about deeper things. I have always had good values, but now I am goal driven by them, and they are clearer to me. Liturgy is a better grace to me now, I am no longer dependent on a good homily. The community has become more important. And I can always talk to Jesus no matter the bad music or the poor homily.

This retreat IS my life! This is the manner I want live. The graces were always exactly what I needed at the time. I found over the course of these weeks that I came to appreciate and understand the human part of Jesus so much better. I always knew it in my head, but I came to see that Jesus had to live this perfect love in a body that got tired, fatigued, occasionally frustrated. As we neared Holy Week, I sensed on a tremedously deep level that one of Jesus key fears was that the apostles were not ready. I felt that as part of His agony....had He done enough? They certainly were not exactly impressive in their fidelity, understanding, courage. As much as what He would endure physically on the human level frightened Him, I felt His profound anguish about those who would carry on. In contrast, I have always thought that the first gift of the Resurrection is peace, and of course it is. But there was a line in the scripture that spoke of the meeting of the Risen Jesus reuniting with those apostles which said "they udnerstood the Scriptures when they saw Him". When I prayed with that I had a sense that this was God's gift to Jesus that He HAD done enough - these men and women would bear the seeds of all that He had hoped to do. The trust Jesus had in the Garden of Gethsemane to follow the Voice that lead His life had borne fruit in them. I really felt Jesus profound joy in that knowledge, in this moment of once again inhabiting a human body. That really touched me as such a tender moment for Jesus. I am a human being who hears a Voice that continually calls me to rise above what limits me and love perfectly. I sometimes get discouraged, and feel like the limitations define me. This retreat helped me remember that the Love I have been given defines me. That is what keeps me on this journey, and I felt that Jesus understands this. He was limited and He had perfect love. What an agony that must have been to be caught in time, and to look around and wonder if these folks were the right ones. No longer limited, He continues to call, even folks like me!

It is hard to explain it here, in sentences, but it has made a huge difference. For one thing, I have come to see just how God loves us all, and for another, I have come to see Jesus as a PERSON too, in addition to the second person of the Trinity. It was uncanny how certain weeks gave me pointers on things that I was struggling with THAT WEEK.

Jesus is so much more real to me as a person. I was somewhat stale in my conception of Jesus. There is so much more to Jesus now than I ever imagined before.

As a result of this retreat, I'm more in tune with God's mercy and love and see how He continues to pour out His graces on me and the world.

God has given me the grace to be more forgiving with people I disagree with. This retreat has reminded me to see Christ more in others, not just in myself.

This is the fourth year that i have made this online retreat and I have told several people about this retreat. This year it has been so powerful, taking me deeper into my faith than I could ever have imagined. To recognize the Spirit of Christ growing more and more in me is powerful. To know God's great love for me and every person brings such joy into my life. I share my faith everywhere I go. It radiates from me without ever saying a word. There have been many graces pouring into my life. My relationship with my husband and our children has been the greatest gift. Also, being involved with more outreach faith sharing ministries is making a big difference in my life. Working with the poor has become a big part of who I am since making this retreat. Being open to social justice and wanting and actually doing is a definite grace from making this retreat.

Yes it has, I've become much more 'firm' in my faith and I've become much less anxious about life (you might call it 'peace') - and I've faced down a few 'demons' and come out the other side intact!

The consistent daily practice/readings have elevated me out of myself and brought me closer-feeling to a loving God and also people.

This retreat helped open my eyes and heart in ways I didn't think could happen for me. I have heard people share about how our heavenly father loves and forgives us sinners and I wasn't able to understand. I felt like I was hitting my head against a wall I couldn't get through. I was confirmed in the early 1990s and I have been in recovering twelve step meetings for 17 years. This retreat has shown my the truth that I like everyone else, I am loved, and I don't have to earn it. Jesus was born and died so that we could have the hope of the joy in being with him and our father. I have a freedom that I didn't have before.

There were times when I felt like I was not making progress, then I remembered the early advice-Don't demand progress. Some of the things that had the most profound effect on me were recalling my life story, seeing God in there at so many times and not realizing it and my spiritual advisors comment
that what I thought were a lot of negative memories were neither negative nor positive, they were just memories. Then there was the story of Jesus at the Well during Lent and realizing that he was talking
to me. Somehow I never connected the dots. I have decided to enter the Lay Formation program through our Diocese. Don't know where that will take me or if I have anything to offer but I have decided if they will take me I had better go.

This retreat has helped me to recognize the face of Jesus in so many people I encounter every day and to receive his love in them and to offer him my love through them in return. Jesus has always been present, but now I am present too, and recognize him. I also must add that having the opportunity to share my reflections on each week's graces has been a little experience of that communion of saints which we profess. For by opening up my heart to some person(s) invisible, I have felt an unbounded friendship.

Jesus has become more alive. I experienced his human side and have seen a glimpse of his reality

It has brought me closer to Jesus and increased my desire to be near him in all the mundane things of my life. It has added so much to my spiritual life and my love for God.

I believe I feel a closer connection to God and feel more comfortable trying to attain a personal relationship with God. I found myself asking for grace and help in more situations in my life - regular daily events, not just "big-ticket" issues.

I am mindful that there are many weeds that still surround my life. But I give thanks for what I have learned and what I try to integrate into everyday life... a deepened sense of God’s loving embrace.

The retreat has helped me feel closer to God and has given me a greater spirituality.

I have used the Exercises extensively in my life since going through the retreat. It is extremely important to me to have had the understanding that the Lord and his immediate family were human beings just like me.

I have been chosen and called to grow nearer and dearer to Him on my faith journey. I can now happily look ahead and, as one retreat participant so aptly wrote in the sharing section of the retreat, “not worry about the diversions, distractions and detours; the dejection, dissembling and doubt…it is just the landscape”. I now know that my Lord and Savior is always just a whispered prayer/conversation away.

I am aware of Jesus´great love for me. I also found out that in difficult times he cries for and with me. Which is incredibly comforting.

They were several graces it helped be with. Probably the greatest was helping my patience in dealing with my wife whom is in the beginnings of dementia. Each day is different and at times exasperating but God has helped me with great patience and the graces thereof!

I have so much more patience with myself and others.

I realize the best way to imprint the lessons is to live God's will and follow Jesus simple command of loving others as He has loved us.

The graces were many and often subtle. I said "yes" and felt the need to volunteer whereas before I would have talked myself out of it. When people wanted me to listen and asked for feedback I gave it believing God had placed these people here. I was never so aware of Jesus' conscious choice to love when he was being mocked and crucified. I had always believed that Jesus was truly human truly Divine but never had thought through ("felt through") the choice to love.

This retreat helped me understand the love and acceptance of God for me in my weakness and His understanding of suffering and mercy.

It is life changing I now have a relationship with God. I have a sense of peace. God is alive and within me guiding me and strengthening me. My health problems have got worse but there is a sense of peace and joy. I'm loved. Through this retreat I have faced my dark side also and survived

Made me understand sin more. Made me somewhat more peaceful and accepting. Still, I'm not clear/sure at this stage of my life what my mission is. But I now feel patient to wait for a direction and I do feel more compassionate towards others.

The retreat has given me a deep peace. A foundational peace. And in this peace, I feel I can be more of my self in this larger God Self.

It focused my prayer time and gave me something to ponder each week. I loved the fact that I had a new surprise to ponder each week.

No doubt, Jesus was always there in my life but now I know it.

It has helped me to refocus on the daily liturgy, and renew my hope in the God of mercies, who only really wants my love. The greatest grace from the retreat is to come to a realization that all is gift. I've learned to be more grateful for even the trials and losses in my life.

This retreat has been like a companion to me over this past year - constant, present, never failing. The graces have been a focused life. Finally, I have heard myself say: "I get it! I know more now of who I am, and who God is, and how it is I am called to be with God/Jesus." The biggest awareness has been of recognizing my call to humility, to dying to self. My prayer now is "I must diminish, Christ must increase". The effort certainly continues - and I certainly don't always "get" the "living it out", but I do have a deepened understanding of my place in life, a lessening of anxiety about trying to 'figure out my purpose', and a greater contentment just to be who I am with how I live knowing God/Jesus is always by my side - and that my life is truly about God, not about me. I keep my focus on God. And when I get caught up in 'me', I am able more quickly to recognize this and turn my attention back to God's love and soak it in and this quiets my soul.

I am beginning to know Jesus in a personal way - a way I didn't know how to get to.

The retreat has been a guide to help me continue in the spirit of opening up to God.

Doing the retreat has kept me calm & quiet. It has made me realize that I have had many blessings by God's grace. It has also made me realize that while I must do my duty, I should do it not for my personal glory but for God. That way I am unlikely to go wrong.

This retreat has drawn me in so much closer to Christ, I feel much more of a personal relationship with God as a result of practicing the helps suggested in the retreat.

It has changed me, and made me more calm during my working day. It has also help me to stay close to God, and to 'choose' those things which enable me to be close to him.

I definitely try every minute to be more aware of everyone and everything around me and recognize Jesus and opportunities to love and care for others.

This retreat has made a huge difference in my life. It has brought God into my every day world. It has deepened my spiritual life....and the desire to continue to deepen my spiritual life. It has also helped me to accept myself a lot more and to see that my mission doesn't have to be a big thing....but living every day through the small acts etc.

I cannot explain the peace I have found, except that I have learned to trust the Lord. This is a way better way to live both emotionally and in my daily concentration.

It has made a difference in several ways. It has helped me create a discipline to using the process for prayer and reflection, and to being more aware of Jesus' presence in my life. The grace of knowing He is with me always, even when I don't think about it, has been most important grace I have received. Additionally, the daily scripture readings have been grace-filled for me. I love being able to follow the daily readings of the Church, and this has been an excellent resource for that.

It has helped to quiet my spirit, and I am grateful for the opportunity of being alone with God, yet in unity with others who are on the retreat.

The first and maybe biggest grace was early on when I was experiencing despair about my inability to feel worthy of God's love, and someone responded to one of my posts with encouraging words. I took those to heart and while I still felt unworthy, I decided to just keep going with it. And I started to feel love, in spite of myself.

It has been amazing how pertinent the themes have been as I have gone through the materials and though the developing situation in my life. There were so many times that we were looking at a particular aspect of christian life (denying self, recommitment to God, receiving God's love, etc), when that aspect came into sharp focus in the developing situation in my life.

It has made a huge difference. I can now truly say that I am love with Jesus Christ and I look forward to that love increasing even more.

I feel more committed to Christ but at the same time I still wonder what his plan for me might be. I feel drawn closer and my prayer life has improved.

I think I may be more tolerant now, less judgmental and altogether more accepting.

The biggest difference is recognizing my sinful habits, and seeking God's help in avoiding them, and realizing that, though weak, I am gaining strength in my desire to be with Jesus in living life doing God's will, with the Grace of surrendering to that will.

I have recognized my own arrogance, am accepting the meaning of the word "serve", am accepting that God isn't done with me - still much to teach me, is guiding me; I can become what he made me to be if I just let Him; faced my very judgmental nature, learned that sometimes anger is justified, not always wrong. I know that I am loved by Him as I am. I realized through this retreat that God loves me just as I am. I have 'slowed down' and actually begun to enjoy the here and now - not all the time of course, but I'm learning to enjoy what He gives me every day; I've been graced to pray every night and say thank you for everything in the day (whether it was all wonderful or not!), to say I'm sorry, and ask forgiveness in prayer every night. I have learned to love reading scripture. I find that I am hungry for it in a way I never was before, and see/hear it in a way I never did before. He has changed me - that's how this retreat has made a difference in my life. I can't see myself and others as I used to - God IS in each of us.

Well, nobody has told me I'm different person. But, I know I'm certainly more conscious of God's love and incredible generosity.

I once read that prayer was keeping company with God. I open the door and let God walk into my life. My faith is stronger and frustration at God has diminished.

To be able realize His presence in the "breaking of the bread" and our brokenness was profound.

It helped me keep on track when I was tempted not to have the mind and heart of Jesus in human relationships

I refreshed myself in the practice of putting myself in the scene when praying. I was conscious of more daily prayer.

I've been able to let go of both of my temptations to focus wholeheartedly on listening to what God is saying to me through scripture, prayer life, meditation, and the "background" noise of the world.

Better understanding and appreciation of Jesus, both as a person in my life, and as a teacher.

My experience with this retreat has been very positive. My time with Jesus and His life on Earth was a special blessing. Our relationship became more intimate and loving with each passing week. I feel His presence with me, in me. I am more in the moment, in love.

This has been an awesome experience. I now recognize Jesus in every person I meet. I have a deep awareness of social justice

I especially appreciated realizing how much God has been present in all my life experiences and seeing him at work in my personal faith "history."

I have a deeper spiritually and I love the intimacy of a friendship with Our Lord. I realize it is a journey to be continued.

I am able to read Scriptures and find meaning for me in my daily life. I think this and the daily reflections have helped me so much in the last year that I have used them. I have wanted to read Scriptures for a long time, but never was able to make sense of it or really make it meaningful. The retreat and the Daily reflections and resources you provide at Lent and Advent have really opened the Scriptures up to me and how it is dynamic and its meaning changes for me personally as my life changes. I have been able to understand better how God is trying to show me things through my daily activities and through the Scriptures. It is hard to find a big chunk of time to just pray and this has helped to do it differently in smaller increments and has really helped me in my relationship with God and seeing His presence in my family and daily life!

-Understanding Scripture: the retreat had me sit & think about the words instead of hearing them on Sunday and forgetting. - Sharing my Faith: I have kept my Roman Catholicism private in the past There are extreme views that forget two tenets: God Loves us and we should love each other - during this retreat I've made progress on talking about my faith & showing Jesus/God's love to others. -Graces: I'm on the path to knowing Jesus/God is always there for me even when the path seems dark and work & life's craziness can consume my days. Some days it is very clear and other days are fuzzy. The bottom line is that I know it is a path that requires me to get on and keep moving and Believe.

I am now a much more prayer-ful person I am very peaceful what joy what love I now feel for my fellow man I just want to serve my Lord more and more I am so grateful for all that he has done for me and I want to repay him with the sharing of his word.

It has helped me to be more focused on God, to lean on His strength to pull me through hard days and nights. The graces were so varied and many. It has been a powerful and meaningful extension of our faith journey.

I feel the retreat helped me develop a closer, more intimate relationship with God.

It has given me the chance to have special time with my dear Lord as I lead a very busy life with church, family and friends.

This retreat gave me so many insights and the grace to accept whatever comes my way because it's God's will and I know he knows what's best for me.

When I began this retreat, I simply wanted to "check it out" and see what resources for an Ignatian retreat were available. But then I found that it was speaking to my present experience and it seemed that in this whole process the retreat graces were timed just right for what was going on with me. The deepening of noticing God's presence, more freedom in being who I am and feeling loved as I am. A greater desire for generosity toward others in forgiveness and understanding.

My retreat has helped me develop more patience with other people. I've also learned that my efforts at living well mean nothing unless they are centered in Christ. "What would Jesus do?" has greater meaning for me now.

The retreat has kept me more focused. I've come to accept my limitations, to pray as I can not as I can't,to realize that conversion is a lifelong journey,to be comfortable with my weaknesses knowing that God is with me in these weaknesses.

I understand and know the human person of Jesus. Despite years of Catholic education I only saw the divine person in human form. By making Jesus real, it's changed my perception of Him and it's easier to love and respect him.

The most I am grateful was for me to realize all things that are made for me, that I am here as God want me to be here. He loves me so much that I am receiving so much graces.

It helped me refocus on Jesus instead on myself and my situation.

I no longer wonder if I'm good enough, I know I'm good enough. I now have the experience of being in Joy with Jesus. I had known how to feel Jesus in my suffering, now I know how to feel Him in my joy. I've never felt this way before.

I only know I experienced the passionate love of God more. All I want to do now is love in return.

The retreat has made a difference for me in my life as I needed to get myself back on track and re-focused on Christ, who and where our Lord really was and is and will continue to be for me. I'm most grateful and thankful for this help in this area. This retreat has been a spiritual awakening for me in many areas of my "Walk with God". I needed some restoration and healing and this retreat gave me these much needed graces.

The biggest grace was that for the first time ever in my life i was able to pray every day without fail. it has been a springboard for other spiritual practices which i hope to maintain always. it took me to a level i have always wanted to break through to and has pointed me in a direction for further spiritual growth.

I'm much more patient with my family and others. I am more mindful of what I'm doing through the day and I am more grateful for God's love for me. Things make more sense.

This retreat has given me the determination to understand that the focus of my spiritual effort should be: to know Christ better and to love Him more ardently and thus to serve Him with more determination.

I wish I could name them all. I feel that I am more aware of God's love for me despite the many times I fail him. I don't feel that I need to redeem my past, Jesus has done so already, but redeem my future my letting Jesus lead me and follow him more closely.

Enormous difference. I am honestly a better human being, and a much better Christian. Better nurse, better mother, better wife, better daughter, better friend. I am sad it's over.

I look forward to each day, realizing that I am personally supported by God's love and grace.

In my heart, I have felt dead, and wondered if I was loosing my faith in God. Two years ago, I had heard of this online retreat from our local Catholic newspaper ( the Northwest Progress). And, through the readings, and my groups discussions, I feel that my faith in Jesus, has definitely been restored.

I definitely am more patient and see God in more everyday experiences. I can see that I am better than my old self - a better wife, mother, daughter, etc ...I have learned how to reinforce that it is not about me and about what I can do for the greater good of God. I can also see myself taking some formal training in Lay Ministry in the future - it is a calling.

The retreat gave me a focus and structure, apart from the growing experience of intimacy with God. I found that I could not hold on to anger and unforgiveness for long if I was open to God through the material. I am convinced this grace alone has kept me from going under. Also: a new intimacy with the Trinity; recovering my place in God's mission (going with him, not him coming with me); an increased desire for prayer; an increased desire to share the love of Christ and his freedom; knowing myself loved; desiring less of me and more of him.

I have learned to spend more time in prayer. Also, I am more familiar with scripture and how to use it in prayer. Love and patience. A more intense everyday spiritual life.

I feel near to Jesus and I am grateful for everything, I do not judge people any more.

It gave me the evidence of God's presence and love for me and therefore made me very confident on my reaction to the future of my life whatever it may be. The most important difference, perhaps, was my opening to God's love and realizing that He is happy with that,that is "finding God finding me".

Yes, a big difference. Especially in the discipline of regular prayer time. This has helped keep me focused. Also I was very tuned into the liturgical season and was able to reap those benefits of being with the seasons on a deeper level. It has deepened my truth and my ability to seek it. My openness with my spiritual director (not a jesuit)and his support in this retreat has given a foundation on which to grow and trust. The spiritual director is relatively new for me (one year). I have also found a rich appreciation for Reconciliation. The graces are the exercises, the ability to bring myself in the presence of God, and the desire to be there. The graces are also tied to the difference in my life. I want so much to bring this experience to others.

If understanding is a grace, and if being aware of the gifts that surround us and recognizing it all, it worked.

I have never felt so close to God as I do now with the help of these guides and work we have done together as a small group at our church using these guides. I understand my faith so well now through the graces I have received during this retreat. It has made a huge difference in my thinking and feeling about things in my everyday life, more importantly it has given me a much clearer understanding in my relationship with God and my purpose in Life. Long before I began this retreat I prayed to be closer to God and for him to show me what it was he wanted of me and gradually through this retreat I came to understand that it was much simpler than I could ever have imagined. I have received so many graces I don't know where to begin. My biggest grace is the gratitude that I have for God and his love and my love of him. I know he is always with me.

I feel that I have managed to slow down my life and become more "god centered."

This was a wonderful experience, and frequently amazed me how the week's focus addressed a particular need/concern I was having. I would have something at the back of my mind, sometimes that I wasn't even really aware that was there, and the retreat materials would address it. I found especially helpful the "In these or similar words" section, particularly at the beginning, until I started to find my own voice.

The primary grace, for which I had longed my entire life, was to finally know that God loves me, and that he is close. I had never experienced that before; God always seemed remote, disinterested, aloof. This retreat was invaluable, as was the guidance of my spiritual director, for finally truly believing that He is with me, and for finding His peace throughout the joys and demands of everyday life.

A closer awareness of the love of God, a sense that Jesus is always beside me, a better acceptance of myself as a loved child of God.

The gospel readings that were used did come alive for me ...I enjoyed the technique of placing myself in them; for the first time I have come to realize that the dramas of my life as in fact part of Christ's message for me. I had before now, seen these as distinct. Now I see them as opportunities for Christ and me to walk together; and thirdly, I do take the time,to ask in these difficult times, what would Jesus have done. I know that this may sound trite, but I do try to have patience for others, to modulate my words and tomes.

It was a really nice experience. It helped me to look deeper at myself and deeper at the person of Jesus and His relationship with me.

Made scripture come alive through awakening my dormant imagination. Truly discovered Jesus talking to me in a quiet voice.

My acceptance of God's acceptance of me.

I spend more time just "being with" or talking with God. I try harder to discern what is God's voice and which are my own desires.

I have been lead by the helps, readings, prayers, and sharing, to discover things about myself and God has been powerful and life-changing. I am a Lutheran pastor and my ministry and life have been engraced and enlivened, and enriched powerfully by this experience. The Ignatian spirituality practiced is very right for me.

My intimacy with God was increased, my recognition of my own places of blindness and fear/anxiety/lack of trust were revealed clearly. It was like having a teacher with me.
My awareness of the graces given to me by God increased.

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