March 7, 2023
by Nicky Santos S.J.
Creighton University's Jesuit Community and Business School
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Tuesday of Second Week of Lent
Lectionary: 231

Isaiah 1:10, 16-20
Psalms 50:8-9, 16bc-17, 21 and 23
Matthew 23:1-12

Praying Lent

Choosing Lent, Acting Lent

As I reflect on today’s reading, I am drawn to the theme of true or authentic discipleship. Two aspects of true discipleship stand out. The first aspect is that the true disciple is one who is attentive to the teachings of the one true teacher (God the father) and who submits to the one true Master (Jesus Christ the son). Jesus has revealed to us the core of these teachings which are not an abolishing of the law but rather a fulfillment of it: loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves. The second aspect is that the true disciple does not seek to elevate her or his status but rather to live her or his life in loving service to the other to the point of being willing to lay down her or his life for the other.

Jesus, the true Master, not only preaches about this aspect but demonstrates it by dying on the cross for us. As disciples we are called upon to embrace these two aspects in our life. But, as we know from our experience, this is not easy, and we can easily slip into selfishness and self-centeredness. However, instead of moving into despair and hopelessness, we are called upon to hope and trust in our gracious heavenly Father and in Jesus our Master who lead us on and give us the strength to continue to build the kingdom of God here on earth.

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