Celebrating easter

PDF HANDOUTS: Preparing for Holy Thursday

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Holy Week: The First Four Days

We enter into a week made “holy” forever by the self surrendering love of Jesus - for us all. 

All week, we remember how he loved us.  Whatever we do, no matter how busy or “distracted” we might be, we can let the power of this week be in the background of our daily reflections.  He entered into our life - with its profound joys and its punishing evils - that we might never experience those struggles alone.  So no matter what we experience this week, we can let it become a “holy” week, letting it all be touched by the graces of this week.  From the humble, yet triumphant, entry into Jerusalem, to our standing together at the foot of his cross, this can be a week which helps us bring all of the elements of our lives, all our experiences of sin and death, into the font of his redeeming, liberating death resurrection.

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