November 12, 2023
by Vivian Amu
St. John's Parish
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Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 154

Wisdom 6:12-16
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 or Thessalonians 4:13-14
Matthew 25:1-13

Praying Ordinary Time


Have you ever felt completely unprepared for something requiring much preparation? I am familiar with that feeling, and I can never quite pinpoint a good reason why I either procrastinate or neglect to prepare. Whenever I find myself prepared for whatever comes my way, I feel much better and am more aware of my actions, thoughts, and those around me. When I am not prepared for what will inevitably come my way, I find myself rushing around in a panic, and because I am drained, the first thing to take a back seat and get pushed aside is my prayer life. I wonder how many of you can identify with that.

Today's readings invite us to seek that which nourishes the soul, to be aware of others and ourselves, and to stay spiritually awake. What are you seeking at this moment in your life? Is it love? Peace? Wisdom? Knowledge? What has left your soul parched and thirsty? Is it Fear? Worry? Grief? Pain? On the other hand, maybe what has left us parched is just a desire to hear God’s voice over the many commanding and demanding voices around us.

What can quench the thirst we feel in the depths of our souls? Are we seeking the right things to help us prepare to receive God’s love and be light to the world around us? Are we seeking the right things to help us stay spiritually awake? What or who can provide the oil for our internal flame we hope remains bright? It is by our light that other children of God know us. It is by our light that others around us will let us into their hearts.

Maybe to stay prepared for the inevitable, such as life transitions, loss, joys, pains, and the day we face our creator who loves us, we could begin by making room for wisdom when she knocks on the door of our hearts. Wisdom helps us anticipate, endure, and remain internally free. Maybe to stay prepared, we could make room for scripture to imprint upon our hearts and souls. Scripture is a way to know what God sounds like; it provides a blueprint for spiritual preparedness. Maybe to stay prepared, we could listen to the movements of our hearts, even when it doesn't make sense. When our hearts ache, we are prompted to ask ourselves this honest question: For whom or what am I looking for?

Loving and merciful God, send us wisdom, quench our thirst, and help us stay awake for you. Amen

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