December 4, 2017
by Angela Maynard
Creighton University's Heath Services
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Monday of the First Week of Advent
Lectionary: 175

Isaiah 2:1-5
Psalms 122:1-2, 3-4b, 4cd-5, 6-7, 8-9
Matthew 8:5-11

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Today’s reading from the Prophet Isaiah provides the foreshadowing for which the prophets are known. Isaiah hints at the coming of Jesus. His writing tells of what is to happen ‘in the days to come.’ The great event that we are to prepare for during the season of Advent.

Isaiah describes what I believe to be a safe haven. He talks of a home above the hills on the highest mountain that all seek. To reach this safe haven, we must follow the directions provided by God. God sent his only son, Jesus Christ to teach us, and to guide us on the path to the safe haven.

Let us take some time this Advent season to consider how open our hearts are to the teachings and direction Jesus gives us. How can we get to the safe haven provided by our God? Reflect on the gospel message and think of examples of those who so beautifully, and humbly live out the gospel — everyday people. We can learn from the models of faith in our lives. They were probably put there for a reason. We can take time to prepare for the birth of our Lord — the real reason for this season.

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