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Since 1998, Creighton University has offered Daily Reflections for every day of the year.
Each day one of more than 50 Faculty and Staff writers at the university pray with a set of scripture readings and share their personal reflections on them. When this ministry began, we envisioned our Faculty and Staff sharing with colleagues on our own campus. We soon began to hear from readers around the country and around the world. Within weeks we were receiving e-mails from Baltimore, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and Africa. These were the early days of the internet and we were surprised to find that this ministry was much larger than our own campus. We are located in Omaha, Nebraska, in the middle of the US, but soon our reflections expanded to reflect the changes in the International Liturgical Calendar, as well as the special days designated by the US Bishops.

Our readers have prompted us to make them available by Palm and other hand-held devices. They asked us to make the reflections easier to print off. Could we provide photos and bios of each writer and a way to contact the writers by e-mail?

One thing our readers have asked for over and over - some way to access past Daily Reflections, for example several years of reflections for Tuesday of the Second Week of Lent or a selection of reflections from the Feast of Christ the King. Homilists, or those praying with the readings for any specific day, can now look back and see how different reflection writers over the years treated those same readings.

The earliest ones from 1998 are missing, but we are trying to reconstruct as many of them as we can. We are grateful for your incredible support of this ministry over the years and of the more than 20 million hits this website receives each year.

Liturgical Years:

The Archives are divided into Liturgical Seasons. Each Liturgical Year begins with Advent/Christmas, followed by a few weeks of Ordinary Time. Each year Lent begins in February or early March, followed by Easter. The Easter Season concludes with Pentecost Sunday, and we return to Ordinary Time, which will carry us through the rest of the year and up to the beginning of the next Advent.

Sundays in each Liturgical Year are designated A, B or C. This rotation allows the Church to offer a wider selection of readings from the entire Bible. There is a focus on different evangelists for the Sunday gospels: Matthew in Year A; Mark in Year B and Luke in Year C.

For weekday readings, odd-numbered years use Cycle 1 for the first readings, while even-numbered years use Cycle 2 readings.


Archive Guide:

We have highlighted reflections that focus on a number of special solemnities or feast days, like the Immaculate Conception, the Annunciation, Holy Thursday or the Ascension of the Lord.

You can find reflections by the season or by the writer. Please note that the links to the biographies are not available in the Archives and the scripture links have expired.

We are grateful to Patrick Carter, our student worker 2006-2010, who did the incredible work of pulling together these archives. The Archives for Ordinary Time Weekdays will be available this Spring.

Our Writers:

These reflections were written since 1998 by a variety of faculty and staff at Creighton. Some are no longer with Creighton, and so no longer an active part of our ministry. Others like Bob Berry, Don Driscoll, S.J., Jim Egan, S.J., Howard Kalb, S.J. and Paul Mahowald, S.J. have died. This Archive website is gratefully dedicated to them and their presence, and their reflections in this Archive, are still felt among us today.