Resources for Grieving
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Prayers for Grieving:

Prayer For the Death of a Grandchild

A Faith Community Coping With Tragedy

Prayer After the Death of a Child

Prayer After the Death of My Mother

Prayer for a Mother who has died

For a Father Who Has Died

Prayer: Preparing for Christmas after a loss

Prayer: Celebrating Christmas After the Loss of a Loved One


A Talk on Grief
Listen now or download to listen later.

"Seeking God When We Seem
Lost in Grief"

A presentation by

Mary Ann Vail,

coordinator of the Ministry of EMBRACE,
the grief ministry
for Mary Our Queen parish, Omaha, Nebraska.

Recorded at Creighton University - Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Click here to listen to or download the talk.

Suggestions, support and resources for a faith-based approach to grief and loss:

  • The Grief Process
  • Sharing the sorrow
  • Anger and confusion in faith in grief
  • Reaching out to others
  • Resources for support

The death of her 18 year old daughter to leukemia in 1997, prompted her to reach out in compassion to others and become involved in grief ministry. This presentation offers presence and support for those who have lost loved ones.


Resources for Those Who are Grieving
or Supporting Others in Grief:

Helping Yourself Through Grief

Grieving During the Holidays

Avoiding the Cliches of Grief

Ways to Support Those Who Are Grieving

Care for the Caretaker

How to Help Those in Grief

Other Resources Online:

Grief Helps Blog
Free information, encouragment and inspiration

Grief Counseling Resource Guide
New York Office of Mental Health
Free, printable "Field Manual" for caregivers and those in grief.

Resources to help children in grief

Praying Our Goodbyes
Sr. Joyce Rupp, OSM

How to Grieve
Larkin Warren, AARP Magazine

Suicide: Various Articles
by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser

Coping with Tragedy
by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser

Praying for the Dead
by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser

Office Memorials
by Rachel Blythe Kodanaz
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Grief Symptoms, Causes and Effects

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